The PowerCoach platform includes all you need to optimize, as an athlete or coach, the various processes related to training and coaching. View examples of the user interface.

PowerCoach is available for Windows and Mac OS.

PowerCoach integrates various training systems and communicates therefore with respective devices and imports corresponding file formats.

With a licensed application you may create and save an unlimited number of objects in powercoach databases and you can also export and import any type of PowerCoach Object (PCO).

You can also join data series simultaneously recorded with several hardware systems by simple drag and drop. For example, you may join the ALT series of a Polar watch to the SPE, CAD, POW and HRA series recorded with PowerTap. Or you may join to the SRM recordings the GPN, GPE and PRE series from FRWD recorders.

The PowerCoach license includes 1 day personal introduction at our office into concepts and usages of the software:

  • Commands, functions and tools.

  • Basics of data exploring and interpretation.

  • Relevance to racing and training.

And you get unlimited hotline support regarding PowerCoach commands, functions and tools (no training advices).


PowerCoach License (Windows or Mac OS)
Includes future upgrades

Note: The license is included with PowerCoach Bundles (check respective offers of PowerCoach SHOP).

You need many licenses? Contact us about discount prices for groups and sites (federations, clubs, teams, consultants, institutes).

Please email or call +41 (0)32 941 31 84.