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  Wireless data transmission based on ANT+Sport protocol.

With this technology, GARMIN Edge® 500, GARMIN Edge® 705 and GARMIN Forerunner® 310XT receive data wireless and digitally coded. GARMIN Edge® 500, GARMIN Edge® 705 and GARMIN Forerunner® 310XT are therefore compatible with all hardware systems using ANT+Sport (such as wireless SRM powermeters and wireless PowerTap hubs).

  •  GARMIN Edge® 500 PACK

GARMIN Edge® 500 Computer
• Heart rate monitor
• Speed/cadence bike sensor GSC10
• Bike mount
• AC charger
• USB cable
• Owner's manual on disk
• Quick start manual

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Owner's Manual...
Quick start manual...

  •  GARMIN Edge® 705   •   Cycling computer with GPS

• GARMIN Edge® 705 HR with heart rate monitor and barometric altimeter
• Heart rate chest strap
• 2 handlebar clips
• Battery charger 110/220 V with USB cable
• Garmin Training Center® software
EURO  426 CHF  640 US$  621

• GARMIN Edge® 705 PACK: additionally with SPE/CAD Sensor
EURO  470 CHF  705 US$  685

• GARMIN Edge 705 PACK TOPO: additionally with SPE/CAD sensor and CD Topo Switzerland
EURO  655 CHF  1'020 US$  990

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  •  GARMIN Forerunner® 310XT

GARMIN Forerunner® 310XT
• USB ANT stick™
• AC charger
• Charging clip
• Owner's manual on disk
• Quick reference guide

GARMIN Forerunner® 310XT PACK:
• additionally with Premium heart rate monitor (water resistant to 50 meters)

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• Speed/cadence bike sensor GSC10
• Pedometer GARMIN Foot Pod (transmits distance and pace data)

Owner's Manual...
Quick start manual...

  •  PowerCoach Software Bundle GARMIN Edge 500 Pack...

 ...with PowerTap hub ELITE+    860 EURO      email

 ...with Powermeter SRM ROAD  1790 EURO      email

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